Finally. They got me. Not in the middle of the night as I often expected. But at the beach. In broad daylight. 4:06PM precisely. Guilty I am. Parking! Parking While Street Legal. It’s not a thing. I Googled it. Nevertheless, I’ve been specially selected to enjoy a $75 Penalty for Park District (of Highland Park) Parking Violation. My city sticker? Proudly displayed. Did I Park Like a Dick? Not hardly. Perfectly centered between the lines. I’ve been caught in the net of that scourge of mankind, law abiders. Singled out for my initial opposition to the Rosewood Beach improvements. Mocked for driving a 12 year old minivan. Ridiculed for daring to hit the beach on a weekday afternoon. It’s a pattern. They’re after me. I will resist. #MAGA


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