Found and Lost: Original Nabisco Graham Crackers

As one of my 3 blog post followers, chances are you are aware of my penchant for low quality junk food snacks that I’ve written about here and here. Among those, for decades, has been my affection for Nabisco Honey Grahams, a sugary edible I was so passionate about that I once wrote Nabisco a 5 page letter (since lost – damn!) telling them how crappy their packaging was. Yes, I have always had too much time on my hands.

Then a not-so-funny thing happened. Nabisco discovered “health,” changed their cracker recipe and began selling tasteless cardboard without all the bad stuff that made the cracker so good. I was done with Honey Grahams. And, after a taste-test of alternative graham cracker wannabes, I resigned from the entire category altogether. Done.

Recently I discovered the not-so-new Nabisco Grahams Originals. Heaven was mine again. The taste was great. Molasses & sugar and no high fructose corn syrup poison. And, as you’re supposed to do when eating snack foods like this (and cereal) I read the box over and over. The product was made by Mondelēz International, a company I discovered was the parent to Nabisco. The good ol’ “National Biscuit Company.” I thought about it. But paid little attention. But then the story turned sordid.

Turns out that Mondelēz International recently chose to ship more than 600 good jobs making popular snacks, like Oreos and Nabisco Grahams, to Salinas, Mexico. Executives at Mondelēz decided to offshore those jobs because it is easier to exploit low-wage, unprotected workers in Mexico. This would lower production costs for the Ritz Crackers, Oreos and other foods that are sold in the United States at the same price point, resulting in more profit.

So once again food has become political. And I had to decide whether to support this behavior or give up on Nabisco Graham Originals. Well, I’ll miss that tasty treat. And Oreos, too. Buh-bye.

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