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Surreal is 2016 Word of the Year

“Marked by the intense irrationality of a dream.”

Surreal is Word of the Year

Meriam-Webster names Surreal as Word of the Year.

Yes, 2016 was most certainly that. And that is why dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster has named “surreal” the word of the year.

Alert readers of this blog, and I know there are a few (well, actually, very few), will note that I am dedicated here to commenting on the surreal. Riffing on what is real and what is unreal is fairly easy. It either is or it isn’t. But capturing the surreal is more elusive – the intense irrationality of a dream. So elusive that I’ve been tongue-tied and writer-blocked – mouth shaped in an OMG and hands frozen above the keyboard. With the surreal election of donald trump, this year has devolved not into an irrational dream but more like a nightmare. And not one from which we will quickly wake, shower off the dried sweat of anxiety and get on with our day. No, this nightmare has only begun and I anticipate that surreal will most certainly become real and, in doing so, spiral into the unreal. Surreal indeed.


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